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Rare miniature school items


I bought these a long time ago and have treasured them ever since but I fancy a bit of a change round in my cabinets so am listing these ( will probably regret it!) A tiny tiny pencil case just like the wooden ones we had at school, yes I am that old.... with two layers that slide back to reveal miniature pencils with two miniature rubbers. These are proper miniatures and not just cut down! Adorable!
To make a superb set, we also have a miniature abacus, pictures here with my 10 inch chiltern Rodney and his daughter a very rare 6 inch chiltern hugmee salesman sample. Neither of which are for sale. The abacus works of course and is delicately made from wood and tiny wooden beads. A fabulous rare item. Stands 6 inches tall. For sale together as one item only. They cost me an arm and a leg many years ago and I am just recouping my original investment.


Please Quote REF BRBA1041

Special group Price 50

lovely bar brooch George and Mary c 1912

Price 14

A super metal bar brooch featuring a picture of George and Mary on a central plaque, Would look great on any size bear, Great condition , nice antique pin!



Please Quote REF BRBA1078

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