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Sergeant Steevans

Sergeant. what a wonderful character. He stands just short of 9 inches tall so was lucky to get into the platton. He is quite the most charming the character, A very  early bear dating  1910, we believe he is by Steevans as he has many attributes similar to the Steevans soldier bears, Excuse the pun! He comes with his exquisite soldier uniform which is accurate in miniature in every detail. His hat is a work of art as are the battle dress jacket and trousers.  He is fully jointed and has boot button eyes and stitched nose and mouth all original. He does have mohair loss, however, this is not apparent when he is in uniform...when he isn't he is a bit of a bare bear! retaining around 45% of his apricot coloured mohair. His pads are all original felt with one small hole to his right hand pad. He is quite the sweetest little soldier and I hope will bring someone the pleasure that he has brought me.


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