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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle

63...It was only a few days to go to the big Day and the boys had arranged a little "get together" for Raffles Stag party. It all seemed remarkably innocent and Galileo was there to oversee that nothing got out of hand.. just a few small light beers and some background music from the Bingola.   64... However, it did not take long for the boys to slip into the age old scenario of peer pressure. Galileo was horrified when a very attractive little Bare Bear appeared and promptly started Pole dancing with a small bottle of beer.. this was not what was supposed to be at all...he had promised Miss Ruffle he would keep the boys in hand.
65.. Miss Ruffle would be disgusted, that was for sure.. for it was none other than Miss Widget, who just could not resist a party and found Hen nights incredibly boring.  She dared Raffle to join her but he just sat back quietly in his chair and resisted,  knowing this was more than his mohair was worth. Munchkin lept at the chance and Raffles thought he was off the hook. But poor Raffle just had to join in with some of the games the boys had in store.   66... Being a biddable little fellow, Raffles climbed atop the table and agreed he would indeed down his Guinness in one...silly sweet innocent Raffle..
67... With that, Miss Widget, jumped back on the table to lend a paw... poor Raffle had no choice and before the boys knew it,  he had emptied a whole bottle.. Miss Widget had a very persuasive manner!   68... Alfie was in heaven, he had not been out for months and had forgotten that he was supposed only to drink "GINGER" beer. He was only a cub and could not even read but knew that this one started with a "G" So that was good enough  for him.



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