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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle

69..Suddenly , without warning, things got WAY OUT OF HAND... Miss Widget grabbed Raffles by the shoulders and pinned him to the table.. she had yearned for just one kiss and was always so jealous of Miss Ruffle and of course that Miss Ellie, this was HER moment..he was still a single bear ..for now.   70... That sadly was the turning point, from what started out as a nice night on the veranda.. to total Mayhem! Everyone was joining in , singing , barking, growling, it was surely time to call it a night and to send the boys on their MERRY way..
71... It was too late for a taxi, so they decided that if they were quick, they could catch the last train to Northampton, there were still a few night clubs open and they had one last plan up their naughty sleeves......
72...Raffles being not the brightest bear in the bunch, thought he was safe.. safe from any Stag Night frolics, Poor Raffles. All the boys were laughing and  waving him goodbye, the train was leaving.., there was to be no night club, no Burger or Kebab on the way home, no dancing till dawn.. this was it.. his final night a single bear.. strapped to a lamp post, not a car in sight, with no-one around to help him.......he called as loud as he dare.... "RUFFLES......RUFFLES.....HELLLLLPPPPPPP!
73...The next morning , Raffles awoke in his own bed... He had absolutely  no idea how he had escaped the lamp post??. How did he get here.. and who had played the worst trick, the very worst trick in the world.. he just remembered dreaming about falling into bed and saying that when he awoke, he would have to try the old remedy of "Hare of the Dog"...ok boys.. VERY funny,...   74...The poor little boy  had never felt so fragile, not even when Dr Illwin had fixed him up.. he felt better then than he did now.. how would he ever face Miss Ruffles at the church on Saturday??.. how would he explain about Miss Widget, the train, the lamp post.. would she still love him. WOULD SHE TURN UP???



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