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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle

75...The Hen night was to be a very quiet demur affair! Miss Ruffle wanted nothing to spoil the build up to the big day, the girls just wanted be there to support her on her pre wedding night.. The girls arrived with their gifts and had all dressed to the nines to celebrate the eve of Miss Ruffles long awaited wedding. They spent the evening talking of times gone by, nights out with the girls.. and past loves and losses, Miss Ruffle knew she had chosen the right  bear, that was for sure.   76...The Girls had clubbed together to buy her a beautiful brooch , encrusted with a jewelled crown to show that they thought she was indeed the Princess Bride. " Oh Girls.. it is beautiful, I love it.. I shall wear it with my going away outfit she declared.
77...Raffles however, blew it as always.. he had asked Frederica to take a small gift to his sweetheart . "Oh Raffles??!! How could you??" shrieked the girls.. not a touch of Romance.. just an old sweeping brush, a tea towel and a small shopping basket.. surely that could not be all he was to bestow on his bride to be?? Practical YES... Romantic.. never...the girls looked on in horror as Miss Ruffle held the gifts in her paws...their hearts ached for her.. how could he???   78..  Miss Ruffles was pleased with most of her gifts, but she was hoping for something small and frilly from her intended, not small and useful! Maybe this was trick she thought, perhaps he would have a big surprise for her tomorrow. .. or perhaps not. After all he was a very Practical little bear.

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