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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle
79... Having decided that she must not linger on her disappointment, Ruffle asked Lilly Lancaster to help her with her hair, after all this was a girls night and girls like to pamper the bride to be, so Lancaster brushed her silky locks till they shone. Miss Ruffle checked her pretty face in the mirror and added just a  touch more powder..."less is more".. she said.   80...  Whilst she was enjoying her pampering session, she could not help but wonder what Raffle had been up to on his Stag night., Had he behaved? had he come home?...had he...oh it was no good, she just HAD to trust him. He would NEVER let her down....WOULD HE???
81...To cheer herself up,  Miss Ruffle got the globe from the high shelf and asked the girls to have a game of Guess the honey moon...they all wrote a place on a card and popped it into an envelope. Who would be right.. Lancaster guessed Paris, Frederica said she was sure he would do something spectacular and take miss Ruffle on a romantic Trip on the Orient Express. Miss Ruffle spun the Globe..   82...That's where I want to go she said...right THERE!! Where??.. asked Lilly Lancaster who could hardly see that high.. THERE said Miss Ruffle.. the Bearhamas.. there must be lots for 2 little bears to to do there...that's it...the "Bearhamas".

83...Miss Ruffle could only dream. All the girls went home and Miss Ruffle was left to think...think about tomorrow and how it would be, would the sunshine? would it rain?  Would the guests come.. Would Toddimus turn up, would Raffle turn up???....    

Continued The Wedding!....


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