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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle

89... Maud straightened Miss Ruffles delicate train and the wedding party floated up the aisle with such grace. Toddimus Truffle turned his head and gave Ruffle a loving look, " you look so beautiful my little Princess he whispered, be happy"   90... In the Church, the congregation was waiting, but Miss Ruffle could not see her intended?? Where was he...had he turned up?
91... With that,  A C Bear stepped out from one of the pews, and there before her by the Reverends side, was her bear to be, Raffle was indeed ready and waiting and MY did he look GORGEOUS!   92... Miss Ruffle started to step forward and it was with some reluctance that Toddimus released her paw to join her betrothed. But he knew that no matter how short a time he had been reunited with his daughter, it was time to let her go...for good.
93... Raffle too stepped forward, to receive his bride. He could not believe how wonderful she looked, he was keen to lift her veil and see her pretty face again, patience Raffle, patience.   94... Rev. A C Bear  invited Miss Ruffle to join them at the alter for the ceremony, her friends and family were waiting and it was time to take their vows.



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