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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle

120..... Mr and Mrs R Raffle sat patiently in Manchester airport, Ruffle was still starry eyed from the wedding and although they had left in a hurry ( the reception planned for their return) she was calmer now, knowing that Raffle was going to suprise her with the honey moon.   121..... They boarded the Virgin Atlantic Plane and of course they both wanted to wave goodbye to England as they went on their way. Raffles gave Ruffle a helping paw as she was rather scared of heights and everything looked so very very small from her little toys in the ground. She still did not know where they were heading and Raffles was keeping this a secret till they landed.
122...... Breakfast in ......PARIS!!! How romantic, the Eiffel tower, the geraniums in the parks, the Croissant breakfast, the rich smells of the Patiserrie, this was indeed a very romantic start...oh Raffles you old softie!    123.... Next they flew on to .....Germany!  Whilst there they decided to stop  in  a quaint old Steiff shop, thinking that maybe they would meet a few old friends, but everyone looked so young! Where were all their relatives?? They both felt a little overwhelmed buy the amount of clean fresh faces they saw..but soon...everyone noticed that these two little bears were indeed VERY special !


124... Two handsome young men in traditional costume soon noticed that the little bears were feeling a little lost and lifted them so they could see all around the pretty shop.. Raffles told Ruffle it was time to go, they needed to catch the next plane! They said their farewells and Ruffle and Raffle made for the airport again.   125... ITALY......ITALY........ITALY........ Ruffle had always dreamt of Italy, Piazza San Marco, the Basilica, St Peters Cathedral, she would share this all with her true love. She knew there was something she had to do, she had to make that wish..the wish on the fountain..