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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle

126... At last they found it, the most beautiful fountain and so quiet, not a soul around. Ruffle delved in her skirt pocket and pulled out a single coin, she had hoped she had three, that was what she knew she should do, three coins in a fountain...but alas on would have to do...after all the wedding was so very expensive.   127.... She held the little silver coin in her paw and made her wish, ( I wish I may, I wish I might, the first star I see tonight......the rest is a secret....) and watched the coin fall in the still water. Raffle was as always....none the wiser!
128... That evening Raffles and Ruffle boarded yet another plane. She could not believe it when they arrived in .................Marrakech! The tiles, the mosaic, the sunshine. It was so hot! The sounds of sellers in the streets , the running water in the fountains, the children playing in the streets, the camels!   129... What would he think of next. They visited the bazaar, bought their souvenirs and enjoyed a Cous Cous dinner under the stars. The atmosphere was amazing, the sights and sounds of the evening were ones she would never forget. She was very persuasive with the shop keepers and  particularly good at bartering and managed to save herself a good few pounds on her bargains. It was time to go said Raffle, the next flight is a long one!  TO......................


.130... ................CHINA!!! She could not believe this...CHINA!! She had always loved the pictures of the pretty temples, the blue skies, the bright colours, now she was here to enjoy it for herself. HOW had Raffle managed this honey moon on a bears pocket money...she hoped they would not be returning to huge credit card bills...he could be a little irresponsible she felt...but for today, she would just take it all in.   131... On the way to the airport.. Ruffle was so excited when she saw her first PANDA!! It was rather larger than she had imagines...and very still??