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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle


141..... Ruffle was delighted with her first knitting project for baby. She felt so ill much of the time and with her swollen ankles and terrible nausea, found it hard to focus on anything other than "babies". She knew she should not knit in either pink or blue, after all this was to be the biggest surprise yet. The cream romper suit was complete, she called Raffle to help her dress ready for her appointment with the hospital. It was their scan date and she was so excited!


142..... At the hospital, the radiographer assured her that this was a very simple procedure and that in just a few minutes they would see their unborn baby for the first time. Raffles was curious.. how could anything see though that thick pink, candlewick robe....( cosy and comfortable, thats what us mothers call it!)

143......Ruffle was nervous and just wished they would hurry along, she had had 8 glasses of water as instructed before coming to the hospital and she didn't know how much longer she could hold on...if any one pushed on her....oh my goodness....QUICK!!  

 144.... With that, the radiographer started to scan her rather prominent bump! Raffles was totally in awe, in a moment they would see "baby" ! The radiographer said that all was well, baby was growing just fine and it would not be long till they were proud parents. The baby was bigger than they had imagined and it appeared that Ruffle was far closer than they had thought.


145... Whilst Ruffle was dressing, Raffles asked if he could go to see the nursery where all the newborns were looked after, He was so shocked at how tiny they were. He was also shocked that one poor teddy had had not one, not two, but three cubs!! That was a very scary thought, he could not even add up to three let alone look after three.   146... Ruffle was now dressed and went on the hospital tour to see where she would be when baby was born. She was so quiet in the Special Care Bear Unit, just looking at this tiny tiny bear that was lying so quietly in his bassinette. Would her baby be this small, would it be a boy or a girl, would she be a good mother, would this be easy....she was now becoming very stressed and decided it was time to go home and recover from the day..