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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle



147..... Ruffles said goodbye to the tiny bear cub and said she would ask about him on her next visit. As she was sitting by the baby, something fluttered in her tummy, was it the baby, or was she just hungry??? She left the hospital bemused but happy that she too would be sitting over a crib very very soon. She hoped that her baby would come home straight away and that all she had seen and learnt today would stay in her little head, there was so much to take in. She must remember to pack her case when she went home.


148..... On arriving home, Ruffle realised that actually , she was just very very hungry. So she prepared for herself her favourite snack. Dill Pickles, ice-cream and Sprite soda! Perfect. She knew this was not good for her waistline, but she just had to eat Pickles and the more Ice-cream melted over them the better she liked it!

149...... Having cleared away, she called Raffles to her side, "come here Sweetie" she said..."come and see what a wonderful thing happened today, this is our baby Raffles, look, its our baby..." Raffles was confused, it looked more like a beetle he felt, or a ladybird....he was never very good at Biology...or any "ology" for that matter...but he still smiled , he had to be enthusiastic, that's what the book said....  

 150.... Raffles and Ruffles stared at the amazing picture that was before them. This was technology at its best!! There he/she was...on paper....not even born yet......but so perfect.. so very very perfect.......BABY!