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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle



151..... The time was here, it was Thursday September 22nd 2005 and Ruffles was at last packing her final things to take to the hospital. She knew she must double check everything. She had extra shoes, her comfy nursing cushion, the knitted romper, her own ivory rattle given to her by Toddimus from her mothers treasures, her mirror and hairbrush and all her special things. She wanted nothing to go amiss, she was so nervous... She packed her favourite book, "Billy Quack" and double checked the rattle and romper.. would it fit???


152..... The rattle reminder her that she may never hear silence again. This was to change both of their lives and she hoped that Raffle was ready for it. She called him to help her down the stairs with the rather over packed case. She knew that she should not be carrying this and no matter how much she had tried to "slim her case" she just Had to take all her things. She had no idea how long she would stay in after all.

153...... Raffles was really feeling a little wobbly, he was not sure if he was ready to take on the responsibility of a cub. Ruffle was now feeling very uncomfortable and said to Raffle .."you better hurry dear...this baby seems to have decided today is the day on its own......QUICK....Raffle...QUICK!!"    154.... Ruffle had to lean against the case.. her back was so sore. For sure., this was it...Baby was on the move...this was no "Too much Honey tummy, " this was for real....the taxi arrived and in a flash, they arrived at the hospital.


155...... Ruffle was whisked to the maternity unit on a trolley, there was no time to lose.., The obearstetrician Dr Bling ( Raffles felt sure he had seen him before..???) Put an experienced paw on her bump and said "Ruffle, are you having pains? This baby needs to be born VERY quickly, we may need to take action.. how do you feel about a B-Section?"...Ruffle just nodded and agreed whatever was needed...was NEEDED...and QUICKLY>>>>QUICKLY!! owwwwww....................   156...... With that Dr Beardowen took Ruffle to the Theatre where they prepared Ruffle for her operation. Raffles was invited  to attend as Ruffle would stay awake for the delivery. Raffle was not sure what was happening at all but just hung onto the bed as he was beginning to feel faint...he hated hospitals...somehow all he could think of was hospital pants!