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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle



157.....With that the two doctors set to work. Ruffle could feel nor see nothing, she just knew that these were two very very busy bears. Dr Beardowen told Ruffle that it would not be long and that in a few minutes she would be a mother... and that Raffles would soon a be a Daddy. The monitors were bleeping, Ruffles was hating every second of being on an intravenous drip and worst of all the blue paper screen was making her nose itch.


158.....The two Doctors worked as fast as they could. This was one very big baby...One last.. little tweek.....oops..??.....oooh...and here we go......Nurse, get the resuscitation unit ready...we are about to ..."POP".....

159...... With one last little lift, the B-section was over...and there ....there was the most perfect little bear...Ruffle, Raffle...congratulations, you are parents...!!!!! Dr Beardowen and Dr Bling held the baby high for them both to see..    160.... Dr Bling lifted Baby high above the screen so Ruffle and Raffle could see their sweet baby for the first time! Dr Bling shouted "IT's A BOY!!!" Raffle said..."he doesn't look anything like me...."...he looks like Winston Churchill???? Ruffle turned to him and said.."Oh you silly bear...all new born babies look like Winston Churchill!! " He is perfect!


161...... He was just that , perfect...a sweet little boy with plenty of fur , a good weight and a great head....his eyes looked a little "poppy outy"....but then he had just had an amazing journey and Ruffle felt she would have looked worse if that had been her...she fell instantly in love with him...   162...... Dr Bling passed baby to the midwife and she carefully put him in the resuscitation  chamber to give him time to recover from his ordeal. A little oxygen, a few minutes in a warm blanket and he would be right as rain. She thought he was "unusual " looking.. but very sweet all the same. Soon he could be returned to his Mummy, "soon little one she whispered, soon".