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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle


172..... But it was no good, he still cried and cried and cried...arrrrgggh! She thought, "maybe the little fellow is hungry?". So she sat him on her knee and gave him his bottle, PEACE at last!!! Molly watched over them all, she wanted to be sure that this new guest Miss Hildegard, took good care of their baby Snuffles. "One false move and she would leap to his defence, shred her into a thousand pieces.......or perhaps she would have just a tiny sleep in her basket first...


173..... Snuffles seemed quite comfortable in the arms of the new Au Pair. Hildegard had a certain knack with him, "this could be fun" , he thought. "Now I have THREE People to pay attention to me! The more the merrier!" Hildegard had already realised that this little fellow was not going to be an easy charge. He really was VERY demanding...she glanced across at his basket of toys and thought, my goodness, just a few days old and THIS many toys already?? The word "Spoilt" came to mind, but she thought that it was not her place to comment, well at least...not YET,

174...... Hildegard was right, this little bear had more toys than Toys R Us.  Goodness knows how much tidying up she had ahead of her ...especially after Christmas. She wondered what this new job would bring, ...  took another look and thought..........MORE TOYS!