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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle


175..... Ruffles was very excited about the evening ahead, it was Valentines night, it was a very special anniversary. She knew it was vital that she chose something special to wear, so she looked through her dresses in the dressing room ( just some of her huge collection!!) and could not decide.


176..... She looked at her shoes, ( my goodness she needed some more!) and could not choose whether to wear her pearls and bag or go for something more Glitzy.

177...... Should she tease him , wear her Snow White outfit?? Or perhaps this was a little bit much for the old boy. No... not the Snow White..   178.... That was it, her new Blue Dress, flown in from Pennsylvania from her wardrobe Mistress across the seas, that was the one.. Perfect, floating, slightly sheer and very elegant, just right for a important dinner date. should she wear a slip.??. or just for once ,be a little risky?? , After all she was keen to keep Raffles interested in her now she had lost some of her figure after Snuffles..