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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle


179..... She dressed, and  set the table properly. The best crystal, the silver and of course his favourite drink and her special lemonade. Yes, everything was perfect. She wondered what he would be wearing. .something silky maybe, a smart suit, bow tie...oh she could not wait till he came down.


180...... What she had forgotten, was that Raffles was not a fashion Guru...he always chose comfort, comfort, comfort.. but this time he had excelled himself,. he had certainly got comfort and style all in one. Now THAT Raffles, is some Dressing gown! Ruffles hugged her sweetheart and remembered the first day she had seen him. How handsome he still was, what a lucky little bear she was and what a busy year it had been.

181..... They sat at the table together, He was very impressed with the beautiful table. He was not so impressed by the menu, though..( Miss Ruffles could not get away from the fact that they were still only on the fourth day of the DETOX plan ) so it was Cabbage stew and Broccoli with Lentil mousse cooked in her favourite "bear"  mould, Oh Ruffles,.. chocolate is the order of the day on Valentines.. not LENTILS???   182..... She served the Broccoli to the rather reluctant Raffles ( he was worried what all this veg would do to his constitution ..but having looked at his very dry skin.. knew that Ruffle was as always , well meaning.