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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle


5... Realising that she had to help him, Miss Ruffle knew there was work to be done. She told the little bear that although they had only just met, he had to go...and fast...there just may be enough time to save him from the "Blue Ribbon Kebab Box", that terrible place where bears sometimes end their days as "Doners"....   6... Having explained to little Bear, that she loved him, truly loved him and that although they had to part, it was merely "Adieu" and not good-bye. When he returned she would care for him like no other and think of him each day whilst he was gone. With a final kiss she helped him back into the box and rushed off to catch the 4.30 post as this was a very Special Delivery!


7... Miss Ruffle knew that she had to hand him over to the post mistress, but it was so hard for her to leave him on that counter.. what would she do whilst he was gone, how would she cope..???  

8... It was no good....

She had to be with him till the very last second, by his side all the weigh....way.



9... It was time to leave him . "Miss Ruffle, come on, I will take you home.. he will not be gone long." said the kind Bear Lady, knowing that this was hard for them both.  With that Miss Ruffle whispered a few words through the cardboard, shed a tear.. which slid slowly down the brown tape... and he disappeared as as quickly as he arrived.....



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