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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle


1.... Miss Ruffle had spent the last year, quietly getting used to the commitments of motherhood. She was enjoying a much earned quiet cup of tea when suddenly, an apparition appeared before her. It was the Angel Gabriella Lullabella. The Angel poured a cup of tea and said to Miss Ruffle,  You shall have another baby and this baby will be special too. Tell Raffles that you need to travel afar and you will find a shining star, brighter than all the rest in the sky, it is there you will rest and the baby will be born. Ruffle was shocked but passed the news to Raffles...they started to pack...

  2... Angel Lullabella's work was not yet done. She found two shepherds and a lonely goat herd watching their flock, under a starry sky. She spoke of Tidings of great joy and a baby which they would find under the brightest star , far in the distance. The shepherds were excited and began to pack....


3.... In a far off land, Ruffles and Raffles had travelled many miles, Bullet the Wonder Donk was weary and Miss Ruffle felt it was time to rest for the night, but everywhere was full. Raffles tried hopelessly to convince Ruffle that for the  50p Billy Westwood was asking, they could share his tee pee and that it represented excellent value for money and would be very COSY....Ruffles was NOT impressed and they rode on, far into the distance..   4.... Meanwhile in East Anglia, Three Kings had heard the news that a baby was to be born, a very special baby and that they must visit and take gifts aplenty. So King Galileo chose a silver stein filled with Mead for Raffles, King Toddimus took a ball for the baby, and King Livingstone thought a nice new frock would cheer the new mother.

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