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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle


5.... Ruffles and Raffles stopped at the last Inn in town...The Grizzly, where The landlord said  " I am so sorry, we are full, we have no rooms, but...I do have a warm stable with room for Bullet the Wonder Donk too" they agreed that this is where they would rest for the night.   6.... NO sooner had they settled in the warm stable, with the Oxen, the lambs and the goats. Ruffles presented Raffles with his newborn...everyone gathered around the Manger where a tiny baby laid in a crochet blanket and a light shone all around.


7.... The baby was beautiful, the animals were thrilled about the lovely manger ..Bullet thought he could feel a carol coming on....".the hay in the manger.. no room for ...." Smirnoff the lonely Goat Herd, looked to the skies and gave thanks for the blessing of a new baby.   8.... The Three Kings eventually found the stable, King Galileo had been following the wrong star. . and had ended up in South Croydon . .Good job King Livingstone was there with all his maps.. there, laid before them was the baby, and they placed their gifts carefully round the manger taking care not to wake baby.

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