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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle


16... Back at home, the bear lady pleaded with Miss Ruffles to come away from the door. She was old and it was draughty, she would get stiff joints waiting so long.. but wait she did! At 9.24am, the crunch of the gravel alerted her to the sound of the postman and YES.>YES>>>>there was a letter for her AND FLOWERS!!   17... Miss Ruffle took her letter to a quiet corner, it was , she was sure, what she had waited for....a note from Little Bear, and a card, a beautiful card...

18..."Dear Miss Ruffles, Today of all days, I declare my undying love for you, we shall be together again soon , sooner than you think. Everything went well and I am almost whole again. To make things perfect.. WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE???

Love from RAFFLES

She sighed, "at last I know his name...."



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