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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle


19... At last, he was home. Miss Ruffle quickly cut the tape on the box and freed her sweetheart from his travel case. Raffles was home, and home to stay! They sealed their meeting with an affectionate ,yet somewhat reserved ( for fear of damaging his very charming new nose) kiss and Raffles knew that all would be well. His bandaged arm testament to his intrepid adventures at St Paws.   20... Miss Ruffle was quick to assure him, that her first aid badges, although somewhat faded and  very very old, were indeed proof that she had passed her "cubs" badge in basic first aid and that in her new Florence Nightingale outfit, she would help in his swift recuperation. Raffles was looking forward to the idea of Miss Ruffle in her Nurses outfit...!
21... She quickly introduced the "team" of helpers who would ensure Raffles had a perfect stay in the Blue Ribbon House. the corner of her eye, Miss Ruffle wondered why it was that Miss Ellie seemed to be getting just a little tiny, weeney,  bit toooooo close?? And where indeed was her left paw???   22... It soon  became apparent, that Miss Ruffle was not wrong about Miss Ellie, who was not quite the sweet innocent thing she first appeared to be.., no sooner had Miss Ruffle changed into a lovely evening number with a rather risky amount of ankle showing, than Miss Ellie waltzed into the room..oh no...a girls worst nightmare....THE SAME OUTFIT...THE SAME BAG!!!!!!! Ruffles sent Ellie back to her room to change..
23... They both went to change ..Ruffle chose a light pretty dress with rosebuds print and  delicate lace...very understated... Not two minutes later Ellie appeared in EXACTLY THE SAME OUTFIT AGAIN!. Ruffle was FURIOUS.... Miss Ellie pretended to be shocked, upset, apologetic...but out from under her paw, she threw a knowing glance at the other bears.. it would seem that there was a competition for the affections of Miss Ruffle's sweetheart. This would never do. Miss Ruffle....."don't fall for it" called the nice Bear Lady.. knowing that Miss Ruffle never saw bad in anyone.   24... Miss Ruffle kind nature won the day. Miss Ellie realised that Ruffle was not about to give in on her one true love and that she was actually a little tiny bit too tall for Raffles. He liked his girls petite, neat and sweet...what could she do.

Apology accepted, Miss Ruffle assured Ellie that there were no hard feelings , but just to be sure. instructed Little Molly to be on her guard and wait outside Raffles room till morning.


25... Meanwhile, up stairs  in the guest room, Raffles was oblivious to the goings on between the ladies. If only he was aware of how he had set the girls hearts throbbing. He just knew that this looked a very comfortable bed, a nice book to read and that Miss Ruffle had gone to so much trouble, even embroidering the year of their meeting on the soft silk pillow case. But why, oh why..... was Molly waiting by his bed and refusing to move.???  

26... He pulled back the covers and having carefully folded his suit, decided it was time for sleep...but ...OH>>>NOOOOO!!!!!! He suddenly remembered that in the rush to get home to his sweetheart, he had forgotten to pack  and that he was still, much to his embarrassment ..wearing his horrible hospital pants!

Molly turned was far to late in the  evening for a little "Bear Behind".......and this was beyond the call of duty..


continued ....


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