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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle

27... Miss Ruffles was whiling away the afternoon doing what she loved best. Reminiscing…she was deep in thought and was enjoying reading her most treasured possession, her  mothers diary.   28... It read like a fairy tale…how mother and father were wed in 1900 and Miss Ruffle was just a twinkle in her fathers button eye.

Lost in thought, she realised that she had much to do and that the day was half way gone and she had not achieved any of her chores.

29... With that, her sweet pups, Dipsy and Loo Lah, bounced on her knee and it was then that Miss Ruffle felt a pang of guilt.. she knew she had meant to do something and now she knew what that “something” was. Dipsy had a nasty variety of Conjunctivitis and had very puffy eyes, and Loo Lah, well she had been promising Loo Lah a trip to the doggy optometrist for weeks…poor Loo Lah, what a terrible squint..   30... As she was petting the faithful friends, she heard a sound coming from outside. She moved to the window and could hear a definite clip clop, clip clop…but NO…it was not clip clop….it was  Flip..flop…flip flop
31... and there before her, galloping up the garden , was Raffles, astride a handsome white charger…how romantic she sighed and went to the door to welcome him back…where had he been?? What was he doing on that RABBIT???   32... Raffles came in to the cosy cottage and took a seat next to his lady love. She spied something in his paw but being polite, did not ask its contents.. Raffles cleared his throat, took a deep breath and began…”.Miss Ruffle, we were parted for far too long. .we are meant to be one, we must never lose each other again. I have lived many years, but never felt anything like this before. You make my Button eyes pop, you make my squeaker…well….squeak… You make my excelsior crunch. .you…..oh.. Miss Ruffle, would you do me the great honour of agreeing to my Paw in Marriage..?? Miss Ruffle was faint with excitement. She was a little bemused of course, as this was what she would call a speedy romance. But she knew in her tiny heart, that Raffles was “the one”.. that he was “her Beau”, he was her Knight on White charger, her one true love.

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