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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle

40  Miss Ruffle and Raffle were delighted, they had finally fixed a date with plenty of time to organise the wedding of the century. Miss Ruffle had left Raffle to inform the Telegraph about time, date and venue. She flicked through the pages until......OH NO!! "Raffles, it says May 14th was supposed to be 2006 ! Raffles looked as always , unphased. Not to worry Miss Ruffle, that gives you plenty of time.. and off he ran.   41. Miss Ruffle was disillusioned, she knew she could never organise this whole wedding ALONE.. in two weeks, what was she to do. Waffle her supportive friend told her that sometimes things were just meant to be and that she would help her, along with the other girls, to organise her perfect day. Miss Ruffle started with the Hymn book, what was she to choose, she asked Waffle for help. Well said Waffle, I had "Three blind Mice" when I walked in and "Humpty Dumpty" on the way out.....what do you think??"..Ruffle kept turning the pages pretending not to hear.. this was hopeless she thought.
42. Miss Ruffle cuddled Kitty to comfort herself, she was so worried, but managed to find three perfect hymns for the service and Kitty offered to hand out the confetti to the guests, she said that "shredded mice" , were very eco friendly and there was never any left at the the Vicar would not mind AT ALL...What was Ruffle to knew the picture she had in her mind of this beautiful Princess for the day Wedding she had in her little mind, would it ever be ready in time...   43... Waffle Miss Lancaster and Ruffle took to the Spring sunshine to while away a few carefree hours. They took the books Miss Ruffle had been saving for so many years ( in the hope of one day meeting her Prince Charming) , into the garden to look for dresses. Girls love to shop for dresses. What would it be? A floaty number, a straight elegant shift, A veil, no veil? fresh flowers, silk...white, cream..??? Ahhh...that was it.. that was the one...Miss Ruffle quickly covered the page so no-one could see, after all it was very very bad luck!
44... The dresses organised, Ruffle and her friends decided Flowers were next on the list. The colour.. what colour would they be? Ruffle said "Simple, pure and simple, that's what I want". The florist delivered a selection of pretty flowers for the girls to look over. The girls giggled with excitement, this was coming together nicely!   45... They looked over the lovely Blooms, Ruffle felt the red was a little loud for her type of wedding and would not go at all with the dresses. The yellow was a little.....toooo yellow, the blue...lovely, but blue always clashed with her pretty eyes and she did not want bees at the wedding.
46... DAISIES!! That was it...pure white daisies with just a hint of yellow in the centre...fresh as a daisy! That was  how miss Ruffle would feel on her big day. Decision MADE! She placed her order and that was the Hymns, the dress, the flowers, now she was sure there was something else...?? Oh yes.. location location...that would have to wait till tomorrow, she had something very important to do..  

47... Apart from the location and the question of a house....There was only one thing missing now, would she have time to make the rest of her dream come true, the whole dream? There was just time she was sure to put another advert in the Telegraph, maybe she would get an answer, maybe someone would know where he was....

Miss Ruffle had not seen her Daddy for some 73 years...this was her golden opportunity to bring him back into her life.. for good. She picked up her pen and wrote:

Miss Ruffle born July 20th 1910 requests the pleasure of the company of Sir Toddimus Truffle, at her wedding to Raffles to take place on May 14th 2005. If anyone knows this fine handsome bear, last known whereabouts - Portobello Market, London, selling buttons, used postcards and chocolate pennies with a rather fusty sort of smell to them, ..(he called them "Toddy's Truffles" but we always knew he just stored them in old Mushroom compost..,) traded under the name of Truffle Inc.

Roughly 14 inches tall, very fine nose, antique gold hair, deep set black button eyes, wonderful expression. My Daddy.

If anyone knows his whereabouts , please contact me at Blue Ribbon Bears...The next morning, there it was in black and white.. the advert in" missing bears"....would she get a response...would she ever find him in time.....


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