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The continuing Adventures of Miss Ruffle

48...Womble and Ike were going over the election results. Ike was devastated, he could not understand what he had done wrong. He had campaigned so very hard....not even one seat, not even a mention of Roosevelt. Womble had to console him and explain that Roosevelt had not been misrepresented, he had not lost by default, he had not been shunned by his public.. it was just that "Ike.. well you are....well..... just....100 or so years too late!"   49...With that , Womble began to read the remains of the paper ... "Ike, have you seen this.. missing bears , this one is for says someone is looking for him., let's go and phone him."
50...Ike dialled the operator and asked to call Pennsylvania 6500 ...collect, he had spent all his change on pin badges for the election. Armed with the advert in his paws, Ike listened as the phone rang. A small, rather sad little voice answered and Ike began " that Toddimus..Toddimus Truffle??   52...Yep  sure is boy, what can I do for you, is that you Ike?? Ike explained about the advertisement and what he had read in the Telegraph paper. Miss Ruffle was looking for him, after all these years and wanted him home..NOW!
53...Toddimus Truffle entrepebear, master of all, fainted, stone cold flat on the floor. It was all too much for him.  His Miss Ruffle now a grown independent bear, whom he had not seen for so many years. Now she was looking for her Daddy?? WHY?   54...Meanwhile, back in the Blue Ribbon Household. Miss Ruffle and her friend Maud were preparing some things for her bottom drawer. Miss Ruffle had completed her first home furnishing item and was tying off the last stitch.



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